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  • New video explains the human right to vote

    Today, the Castan Centre is launching a new video that uses humour interspersed with academic expertise to explain the human right to vote. For those who have been following along, this new video is the final episode of series two of “Have You Got That Right?”. The concept of the series is to answer important […]

  • Queensland’s voter ID laws likely to disenfranchise Indigenous Australians

    By Marius Smith Proposed new “voter ID” laws in Queensland are likely to prevent some Indigenous Australians from exercising their right to vote, according to a new submission to Queensland’s Parliament by our Deputy Director Paula Gerber. The new law – which will require all voters to produce proof of identity at polling booths – […]

  • Can Julian Assange be elected to Australia’s Parliament, and can Craig Thompson stay there?

    Guest Blogger: Professor Graeme Orr, University of Queensland In the past week, one serving politician, Craig Thomson, was charged with a raft of complaints of fraud.  And one would-be politician, Julian Assange, affirmed his intention to stand for the Senate, come Australia’s federal elections, scheduled for September. In different ways, each man’s position highlights quirks […]