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The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law seeks to promote and protect human rights through the generation and dissemination of public scholarship in international and domestic human rights law.

The centre is named after Ron Castan AM QC (1939-1999), who was a passionate advocate for the recognition and protection of human rights and a distinguished member of the Victorian Bar.

The Castan Centre’s current structure is:

Director: Julie Debeljak (Acting)

Deputy Directors:

Castan Centre Associates:

  • Heli Askola
  • Patrick Emerton
  • Stephen Gray
  • Richard Joyce
  • Colin Campbell
  • Katie O’Bryan
  • Nadirsyah Hosen
  • Jean Allain
  • Caroline Henckels
  • Luke Beck
  • Yee-Fui Ng
  • Amber Tan

Centres Manager:  Alan Shanks

Policy Officer: Karin Frodé

Project Officer:  Andrea Olivares Jones

Administrator:  Janice Hugo

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