Welcoming our new team members


Karin Frodé joined the Castan Centre in August 2019 as the new Policy Manager. In this role, Karin conducts research and legal analysis across a broad range of human rights issues. She is currently working on the Centre’s use of force project which examines the use of force in closed environment across all Australian jurisdictions. She also assists with research for other Centre-related projects, including a project on the use of big data to analyse international jurisprudence and a report on Indigenous rights and birth registration.

Since joining the Centre, Karin has prepared policy submissions for parliamentary inquiries into press freedom and citizenship cessation. Next year, she will assist the Centre with the new Human Rights Clinic that will provide practical experience for law students interested in a career in human rights.

Before this role, Karin has experience from a number of international organisations. Most recently, she was the Advocacy Officer at the Equal Rights Trust, a non-profit organisation based in London. In that role, she managed an EU-funded project with the objective to promote the adoption and effective implementation of equality laws in Armenia, Bolivia, Cabo Verde, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Paraguay and the Philippines. This work included project implementation, such as delivering training to lawyers and activists on international human rights law, preparing legal analyses and shadow reports to UN treaty bodies and developing advocacy strategies.

Karin holds a Bachelor of Law and Human Rights (Honours) from the University of Essex and a Master of Laws equivalent from the University of Oxford specialising in human rights and public law subjects. Upon relocating to Australia with her partner, she completed single units from the Juris Doctor program at Monash as part of seeking admission to practice law in Victoria. From previous experience and study, her research interests include equality law, children’s rights, refugee law and freedom of expression.

Outside work, Karin enjoys playing the violin and learning languages (Spanish and Thai). Born and raised in Stockholm, she is a fan of Eurovision and the concept of Swedish “fika”.


Andrea joined the Castan Centre in May this year as our new Project Officer. As part of her work, Andrea researches and writes for the centre’s projects and publications, coordinates our domestic and international student programs, assists with our public events, lectures and conferences and manages the Castan Centre’s social media across our diverse platforms.

This year, she has contributed to multiple publications including our consultancy report on government use of artificial intelligence and automation for the Attorney-General’s Department, our evaluation on the Northern Territory Intervention, and our recent article on the fundamental rights of the children of ISIS. She is also presently coordinating our 2020 Global Internship program, and has been involved with organising and promoting our numerous public events on the apartheid, international law, the law of protest and our annual conference. 

Prior to commencing work at the Castan Centre, Andrea worked as a Management Clerk at the United States Consulate General in Melbourne. In this role, she researched and drafted briefs, reports and diplomatic cables on political and economic developments in the US and Australia, assisted in the coordination of events and the promotion of the US-Australian bilateral relationship, and supported the various teams within the U.S. Mission Australia.

Andrea has also regularly volunteered with legal, human rights and international development organisations including the Fitzroy Legal Service, Oaktree, and Co-Ground. 

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Law (Honours)/ Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, and has just completed her Honours in Political Science at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests include the intersection of human rights and technology, international criminal justice and refugee law, among other areas. 

Outside of work, Andrea spends most of her time soaking up Melbourne’s incredible live music and cultural scene, salsa dancing and backpacking around new and unique locations around the world. 

Karin Frodé (left), Andrea Olivares Jones (right)

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