Is there a human right to voluntary euthanasia?

Today, we are releasing episode 4 of our new video series, “Have You Got That Right?”, a collection of videos designed to explain important human rights laws quickly and clearly.

Episode 4 – Voluntary Euthanasia

​Today’s episode asks whether there is a human right to voluntary euthanasia​. The argument has been made in a series of cases before the European Court of Human Rights on the basis that banning euthanasia breaches a number of rights, most particularly the right to respect for one’s private life. You can view the new video below, then head to the episode 4 webpage to get more information on the law and the issue in general.

Episode 3 – Surveillance

After watching episode 4, you can watch episode 3, which was released two weeks ago, looking at whether mass surveillance by governments is a breach of human rights. This issue has of course received massive international attention since the revelations about the extent of the US government’s spying by Edward Snowden. Similarly, you can view the surveillance video and then head to the episode 3 webpage to learn more about the issue.

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