Short and long videos from our 2012 Conference – Tunisian blogger Sami Ben Gharbia

We were very fortunate to host Tunisian blogger and anti-censorship activist Sami Ben Gharbia at our annual conference on 20 July this year.  Below are two videos of Mr Ben Gharbia, who is a founding Director of Global Voices Advocacy and Co-founder of the Tunisian award-winning collective blog

In this nine-minute Q&A video, shot just after the conference, we asked him about the lead up to revolution in Tunisia and its aftermath:

This longer piece is the full video of his talk at the conference, entitled ‘The role of social media in the Tunisian revolution, in the context of the Arab Spring’.

The abstract for Mr Ben Gharbia’s talk is:

What role did social media play during the Tunisian revolution? And how did censorship and repression create a generation of tech-savvy Netizens who were crucial during the events that led to the unprecedented outing of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali.

We will be posting video from all of our speakers as we finish editing it. It will be available at Youtube channel, and we’ll also post them here on the blog.

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