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  • Reminding Government: Human Rights are Core Business

    Reminding Government: Human Rights are Core Business

    This post was first published on Power to Persuade. You can read the original here. By Patrick Emerton December 10 is Human Rights Day. Each year the international community commemorates that day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Australia played a leading role in its development and reach. […]

  • 2014 Castan Human Rights Report: LGBTI rights around the world, A rollercoaster ride!

    By Paula Gerber In 2014, one can barely read the news without coming across a story about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. These stories range from celebrations that yet another jurisdiction has legalised marriage for same-sex couples, to despair at the violence, discrimination and persecution inflicted on individuals because of their sexual […]

  • Explainer: Australia’s obligations under the UN Refugee Convention

    By Azadeh Dastyari Prime minister Kevin Rudd has indicated that he would like to revisit Australia’s obligations under the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. We are yet to learn what this may mean, but it is important to clarify some misconceptions about the convention in the lead-up to his announcement. The convention was […]

  • The UN, Executions, and GLBT rights.

    By Sarah Joseph On November 16, the UN General Assembly, by a vote of 79 to 70 (with 17 abstentions and 26 absentees), removed an explicit condemnation of killings on the basis of sexual orientation from a GA resolution. The reference to “sexual orientation” has been included in previous resolutions which condemn extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. The […]