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  • Public servants and free speech

    Public servants and free speech By Sarah Joseph, Monash University Public servants have a political opinions, but do they have a right to freely express them on mediums such as Twitter? AAP/Dean Lewins On Monday, August 13, Canberra public servant Michaela Banerji lost a case in the Federal Circuit Court before Judge Neville, which has […]

  • Social media, free speech and Innocence of Muslims

    The responsibilities of social media companies over free speech By Sarah Joseph Protests, like this one in Pakistan, have spread over the Muslim world in response to an incendiary video depicting Muhammad that was posted on YouTube. EPA/Rahat Dar The global uproar over the YouTube trailer for Innocence of Muslims may have subsided, but the […]

  • Chris Mitchell should put up rather than shut up

    by Sarah Joseph Followers of the Castan Centre Blog would know of the #twitdef imbroglio, ostensibly between the Editor-in-Chief of “the Australian” newspaper, Chris Mitchell, and University of Canberra journalism academic Julie Posetti. It is an interesting tale for the uninitiated, involving threats of a defamation suit over a series of tweets. For background, see my […]

  • Introducing the Human Rights Online Project

    Over the past two years, the Castan Centre has been expanding its online presence, particularly in the burgeoning world of social media, and has now consolidated its operations into the Human Rights Online Project.  The project enables the Centre to comment on human rights issues, to facilitate other people’s interest in human rights and to […]