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  • The human rights implications of smoking bans in prisons: some international cases

    By Anita Mackay Australia’s two most populous States have recently implemented smoking bans in prisons (Victoria from 1 July and NSW from 10 August). In doing this they are joining the Northern Territory (where smoking was banned from 1 July 2013), Queensland (from 5 May 2014) and Risdon prison in Tasmania (from 31 January 2015). […]

  • Guest Blog: smoking bans in Australian prisons

    By Anita Mackay States and Territories around Australia are rushing to ban smoking in prisons – the Northern Territory was the first in July 2013, and has recently been joined by Queensland (from 5 May 2014).  Most others have stated their intention to ban smoking during 2015. This blog post poses two questions: 1. What are smoking bans in […]