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  • Is liking something on Facebook ‘protected political speech’?

    Is liking something on Facebook ‘protected political speech’?

    If you’re a public servant, just liking a post on Facebook or Twitter could be a problem (Picture: Soze Soze/Shutterstock)   By Melissa Castan Australians are often surprised to learn that their Constitution contains no right to free speech. Even the right to political speech, which is constitutionally implied, is increasingly complicated by new online platforms…

  • Public servants and free speech

    Public servants and free speech By Sarah Joseph, Monash University Public servants have a political opinions, but do they have a right to freely express them on mediums such as Twitter? AAP/Dean Lewins On Monday, August 13, Canberra public servant Michaela Banerji lost a case in the Federal Circuit Court before Judge Neville, which has…

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