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  • The 2015 Human Rights Report – Prisoners’ rights: a missed opportunity for the Victorian Charter

    By Dr Julie Debeljak This piece is featured in the 2015 Castan Centre Human Rights Report. We will be featuring the articles on the blog throughout the month of May.  The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (Charter) allows people to complain to the courts about human rights abuses. Unfortunately, judges and lawyers have often failed […]

  • Guest Blog: smoking bans in Australian prisons

    By Anita Mackay States and Territories around Australia are rushing to ban smoking in prisons – the Northern Territory was the first in July 2013, and has recently been joined by Queensland (from 5 May 2014).  Most others have stated their intention to ban smoking during 2015. This blog post poses two questions: 1. What are smoking bans in […]

  • 2014 Castan Human Rights Report: Human rights in “closed” environments

    By Julie Debeljak, Bronwyn Naylor and Anita Mackay Protecting the human rights of people in “closed environments” is crucial because the people detained in these facilities are removed from public scrutiny.  Their relative powerlessness creates a serious risk of human rights abuse by staff members and fellow detainees. Closed environments are places where people are […]