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  • Operation Sovereign Borders and the “Drownings Argument”

    Operation Sovereign Borders, offshore detention and the ‘drownings argument’ Sarah Joseph, Monash University This article is based on Sarah Joseph’s presentation to the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law’s 2015 conference, delivered on July 24. On the day of the release of the Human Rights Commission’s report into children in detention, Prime Minister Tony Abbott […]

  • Handing over Tamils to the state they fled breaks international law

    by Azadeh Dastyari Australia appears to have reached a new all-time low in its violation of international obligations and its treatment of vulnerable people seeking Australia’s protection. If widespread media reports are true, Australia is preparing to hand over to the Sri Lankan Navy a group of Tamil asylum seekers who fled Sri Lanka. The group reportedly includes 37 […]

  • Deterring and denying asylum seekers in Australia

    By Azadeh Dastyari Australia has long prided itself on its commitment to fairness. It is a signatory to a range of international conventions intended to protect the vulnerable and has in the past provided sanctuary for those seeking refuge, most notably in the wake of the Vietnam War. In recent years, however, successive Australian governments […]

  • 2014 Castan Human Rights Report: Asylum seekers punished more every year

    By Azadeh Dastyari The human rights of asylum seekers and refugees, in particular those who arrive in Australia by boat, continue to be gravely compromised. Australia has instigated a military response to ‘unauthorised maritime arrivals’ titled Operation Sovereign Borders, led by a three-star General. We are concerned that the emphasis on denying asylum seekers access […]