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  • It’s Time to recognise Indigenous Australia

    By Melissa Castan This morning The Age reported that the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has concluded its deliberations on reform proposals.  While we wait on the release of their  final report and recommendations its worth thinking again about the issues involved in altering the Commoneath Constitution in […]

  • The High Court and the Freedom of Political Communication

    By Melissa Castan What do Australian charities’ tax exemptions, #Twitdef and Wikileaks all have in common? Give me a moment. Last week the High Court held that Aid/Watch is a charitable organisation for the purposes of tax assessment. This would be unremarkable, but Aid/Watch is an organisation that campaigns for effective foreign aid policies through […]

  • Remembering the Rule of Law

    by Melissa Castan Remembrance Day is commemorated on 11 November; on that day, we recall those who fell in the Great War fighting for their country. Some also recall it as ‘Dismissal Day,’ marking one of the most turbulent political events in Australian history. In Australia this year we also celebrated a ‘Rule of Law’ […]