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  • Katie Brennan’s savvy legal move backs AFL into a corner

    Katie Brennan’s savvy legal move backs AFL into a corner

    By Kate Seear The dramatic build up to this weekend’s AFLW grand final escalated further on the eve of the game with Western Bulldogs captain Katie Brennan announcing she will lodge a formal sex discrimination complaint against the AFL with the Australian Human Rights Commission. It’s a savvy legal move that will compel the AFL […]

  • Are white farmers in South Africa refugees? Giving Protection to those in need.

    Are white farmers in South Africa refugees? Giving Protection to those in need.

    By Maria O’Sullivan The Minister Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, announced last week that the government is considering giving visas to white farmers from South Africa on the basis that they are ‘persecuted’. The Minister noted that Australia has refugee, humanitarian and other visa programs which have the ‘potential to help some of these people’ and […]

  • Criminal Convictions for Consensual Sex

    Criminal Convictions for Consensual Sex

    Imagine a world in which you could be convicted of a crime merely for having sex with another consenting adult. It sounds like the sadistic, dystopian construct of a fictional fanatical regime, but the fact is it’s reality for people in (at last count) 76 countries today. In Mauritania, Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and […]

  • Andrew Forrest’s Healthy Welfare Card – A BasicsCard with added Human Rights?

    By Adam Fletcher Last year mining magnate Andrew Forrest was commissioned by the Australian Government to conduct a review of Indigenous jobs and training. One of Forrest’s recommendations was a ‘Healthy Welfare Card,’ an idea which might be more familiar to readers in the form of the previous Government’s ‘BasicsCard’ (perhaps a new name was […]

  • No Andrew, it is not the responsibility of the LGBT community to help you hang on to your 1950s ideal of marriage

    By Paula Gerber As a long time supporter of marriage equality and the rights of LGBT people, I generally find my views are diametrically opposed to those of conservative commentator Andrew Bolt. Imagine my surprise then to find Bolt citing my work to support his argument that the gay community must now adopt a conservative […]

  • Homophobia is alive and well in the world of cricket

    By Paula Gerber At World Cup cricket match on in Sydney on 8 March, between Sri Lanka and Australia, a Sri Lankan supporter waved a sign branding Australian cricketer Glen Maxwell a “fag”, in Sinhalese. The fan’s homophobic slur was certainly shocking, but even worse was the lack of any reaction in the mainstream media. Only […]