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  • Four reasons why the CIA torture program should never have happened

    By Marius Smith When the US Senate Intelligence Committee released its report into the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program this week, the response was appropriate. People called it “shocking”, “harrowing” and “deeply disturbing”. But most of all, the Committee’s report into the horrendous affair reveals that the whole thing was normal. Normal, that is, for state-sanctioned torture. There […]

  • Vaccinating kids, spying on Bin Laden: just another misuse of humanitarian aid

    By Marius Smith It has recently emerged that the CIA set up a vaccination campaign in Pakistan as part of a covert operation to monitor Osama Bin Laden’s compound there and obtain a DNA sample from one of his relatives.  Although plenty of people would argue that the end justifies the means, jeopardising the health […]