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  • Ugandan Social Media Tax – Following a tradition of quelling dissent?

    Ugandan Social Media Tax – Following a tradition of quelling dissent?

    By Shardha Rajam and Mihika Poddar​ On June 1st this year, the Parliament of Uganda imposed a tax on usage of social media and internet messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. The Ugandan Government, which on prior occasions has shut down and regularly censored digital media, claimed that the tax was imposed to […]

  • In Defence of Alan Jones

    In defence of Alan Jones By Sarah Joseph, Monash University AAP Image/Warren Clarke So, Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones has disgraced himself with his appallingly tasteless and hurtful comment, recorded at a recent Sydney University Liberal club dinner, that the late John Gillard “died of shame” over his daughter Julia. He compounded the ignominy with his […]

  • Social media, free speech and Innocence of Muslims

    The responsibilities of social media companies over free speech By Sarah Joseph Protests, like this one in Pakistan, have spread over the Muslim world in response to an incendiary video depicting Muhammad that was posted on YouTube. EPA/Rahat Dar The global uproar over the YouTube trailer for Innocence of Muslims may have subsided, but the […]

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