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  • Guest Blog: The unravelling of civil liberties in Queensland

    Guest blogger: Kate Galloway The Queensland government has recently implemented a raft of legislation designed to deal with a ‘crisis’ of (bikie) gang related crime. The new laws: Declare certain organisations to be criminal organisations (Crime and Misconduct Regulations 2005; Criminal Code (Criminal Organisation) Regulations 2013) Criminalise attendance at prescribed premises (Criminal Code) Make it […]

  • Will a new pontiff signify a better approach to child abuse?

    Guest Blogger: Judy Courtin Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina is the first Jesuit to be elected Pope. He is also the first South American to be Pontiff. Amongst other things, he is known for his social justice values and his inclusiveness. Another first is his choice of name, Francis I, after Francis of Assisi, the wealthy […]

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