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  • The Whitehaven hoax: ratbag act or legitimate protest?

    by Sarah Joseph The Whitehaven Hoax: Ratbag act or legitimate protest? Last Monday, 7 January, environmental activist Jonathan Moylan put out a fake press release purporting to convey a decision by the ANZ bank to withdraw its $1.2 billion loan to Whitehaven Coal for environmental reasons.¬† As a result, shares in Whitehaven plunged by $314 […]

  • Human Rights and the Olympics: Games of Freedom or Oppression

    by Sarah Joseph When we think of the Olympic Games, we think of an athletic event: well-honed bodies at the peak of physical ability, performing feats most of us can only dream of. But, despite fervent assertions to the contrary by organisers, the Games are undoubtedly a political event, and over the decades have highlighted […]