Author: Sarah Joseph

  • Human Rights and the Olympics: Games of Freedom or Oppression

    by Sarah Joseph When we think of the Olympic Games, we think of an athletic event: well-honed bodies at the peak of physical ability, performing feats most of us can only dream of. But, despite fervent assertions to the contrary by organisers, the Games are undoubtedly a political event, and over the decades have highlighted […]

  • So who is Julian Assange’s new lawyer, Baltasar Garzón?

    Acclaimed former Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzón has joined the legal team which represents Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. Wikileaks is engaged in legal actions aimed at lifting the financial embargo placed on it by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, which has severely restricted avenues for donations to the organisation (indeed, Wikileaks recently won an action in this […]

  • It’s time for accountability on Iraq

    Sarah Joseph On Wednesday we learnt that the report of the UK’s Chilcot inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq war will not be delivered until the second half of 2013, over two years after its initial scheduled date of May 2011. The latest delay is caused by a stoush with Whitehall (the British public service) over the […]

  • Media regulation debate clouded by simplistic notions of free speech

    Sarah Joseph Gosh. In the last year the media has been dominated by … the media. We’ve had the furore over Andrew Bolt and racial vilification law, the Finkelstein inquiry (and, less prominently, the Convergence Review), and now ructions at our two main newspaper stables, especially Fairfax. Internationally, we have seen the fall from grace of News International in the UK, […]

  • The surprising escape bid of Julian Assange

    You’ve got to hand it to Julian Assange. He knows how to capture the imagination. In a surprise escape bid, he is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, seeking political asylum. He now faces arrest for breach of bail conditions, though he can’t be touched by UK authorities while he remains on embassy premises. […]

  • Challenges to the travesty of ASIO assessments for refugees

    Today a High Court hearing begins concerning the plight of refugees who are the subject of adverse ASIO assessments. Currently, there are 51 people in this situation, including the pregnant mother Ranjini and her two boys. They are people who have been determined to be genuine refugees under international and Australian law. Ordinarily, such people are granted a protection […]