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Human Rights in the Federal Budget Part 1: Creative Accounting and Overseas Aid

May 17, 2013


By Adam McBeth Following Tuesday’s budget, much has been made of the government’s deferral (yet again) of the commitment to increase spending on official development assistance (or overseas aid) to 0.5% of gross national income until 2017-18. This amounts to a cut of $1.9 billion from previously forecast aid levels over the period to June […]

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Vaccinating kids, spying on Bin Laden: just another misuse of humanitarian aid

July 21, 2011


By Marius Smith It has recently emerged that the CIA set up a vaccination campaign in Pakistan as part of a covert operation to monitor Osama Bin Laden’s compound there and obtain a DNA sample from one of his relatives.  Although plenty of people would argue that the end justifies the means, jeopardising the health […]

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