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The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law seeks to promote and protect human rights through the generation and dissemination of public scholarship in international and domestic human rights law. In pursuit of this mission, the Centre brings the work of human rights scholars, practitioners and advocates from a wide range of disciplines together in the Centre’s key activities of research, teaching, public education (lectures, seminars, conferences, speeches, media presentations, etc), applied research, advice work and consultancies.

Our Damning report on the Intervention

February 10, 2016


By Caitlin McInnis In anticipation of the Prime Minister’s “Closing the Gap” report to Parliament this morning, on Monday we released a study on the Northern Territory Intervention’s impact on this signature government policy. Our report is a damning assessment, and the numbers shocking. The Intervention was introduced in 2007 by the Howard Government and, […]

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Community and legal groups say it’s time to strengthen Victoria’s Human Rights Charter

September 1, 2015

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The following is a media release prepared jointly with a number of community and human rights groups. A group of leading community and legal organisations has today urged the Victorian Government to change Victoria’s Human Rights Charter to ensure it is more accessible, more effective and simpler to use. To coincide with the report of […]

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Joint Statement of Support for Adam Goodes

July 31, 2015


Today, a coalition of organisations has endorsed a statement in support of Sydney Swans player and former Australian of the Year Adam Goodes. The statement was prepared by the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, the Australian Human Rights Commission and ANTaR. The Castan Centre is proud to be one of the endorsing organisations. The full text […]

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New video explains the human right to vote

June 17, 2015

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Today, the Castan Centre is launching a new video that uses humour interspersed with academic expertise to explain the human right to vote. For those who have been following along, this new video is the final episode of series two of “Have You Got That Right?”. The concept of the series is to answer important […]

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The 2015 Human Rights Report – When prison authorities should be charged with contempt

May 24, 2015


By Gideon Boas This piece is featured in the 2015 Castan Centre Human Rights Report. We will be featuring the articles on the blog throughout the month of May.  Prison overcrowding is a serious issue for the Victorian justice system with implications for the fundamental human rights of prisoners, especially in situations where they are prevented from attending […]

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The 2015 Human Rights Report – Prisoners’ rights: a missed opportunity for the Victorian Charter

May 23, 2015

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By Dr Julie Debeljak This piece is featured in the 2015 Castan Centre Human Rights Report. We will be featuring the articles on the blog throughout the month of May.  The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (Charter) allows people to complain to the courts about human rights abuses. Unfortunately, judges and lawyers have often failed […]

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Open letter in support of the Australian Human Rights Commission

February 16, 2015


The following open letter was sent to editors of a number of Australian media publications regarding recent political attacks on the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Professor Gillian Triggs. Its signatories included a number of Castan Centre academics. If you would like to add your name in support of this letter, please do […]

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Have You Got That Right?

October 28, 2014


Today we are proud to launch an innovative series of videos called Have You Got That Right? As the tag-line says, these videos will answer important human rights questions “quickly, clearly and in a way that won’t put you to sleep”. The project will be broken into a number of 10-episode series, each with a […]

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Open letter to the Attorney-General regarding the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture

September 16, 2014


The following is an open letter to the Commonwealth Attorney-General, The Hon. George Brandis QC, signed by 64 organisations including the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law. The letter is dated 15 September 2014. Dear Attorney, Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment  We, the undersigned […]

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Child workers in Vietnam face further exploitation

June 27, 2014


Vietnamese children as young as 11 are working for up to 18 hours a day in harsh and abusive conditions, often unpaid and denied communication with their families, a study shows. The study, led by Professor Susan Kneebone of Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights Law in collaboration with the children’s foundation Blue Dragon, looks at the causes and […]

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